A Warm Welcome to M and D Logs!

We produce quality hardwood and softwood logs, air dried to below 20% moisture content, perfect for burning in all wood burning appliances.

We have always burned wood fuel in our homes due to our surroundings and our family business being Landscaping.  We are keenly aware of our environmental responsibility and feel that it is a true waste of a good fuel resource to allow timber to go to landfill. Hence we have invested in the production of quality logs within our day to day Landscaping business.

Our logs start off as wood taken down by tree surgeons or by ourselves from our own ground due to age and storm damage.

Raw Material Splitting Split Log Air Drying
The Raw Material Splitting Logs Ready to Stack Air Drying

We season the timber in stacks and then cut and split them into logs to be air dried in open sheds to drop the moisture content to below 20%. (We have recorded moisture levels as low as 12%.) One of our satisfied customers has published a moisture level of 20.4% online at www.stovesonline.co.uk The figure may on first glance seem high but was obtained from an uncovered pile of M & D Logs in the 2009 winter during the heavy snowfall. We think it’s not too bad!

Our logs are in general 8 to 10 inches (200 to 250mm) in length but nature often decides how long a log should be and there may be a few in the bag a little longer or shorter. If you have a special requirement for size of log please contact us as we try to accommodate all requests.

Logs are personally delivered to your home by us and delivery is free for bulk bags within a radius of 12 miles of our yard. Please contact us for further details if required.


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